Kettleworks Performing Arts

Kettleworks Performing Arts wants to help you IGNITE YOUR FIRE!

Imagination. Work Ethic. Community. Passion.  These are the elements that are necessary to the performing arts.  When you put them all in a pot and let it steep, you start to create amazing theatre!  At Kettleworks, students are encouraged to think critically about roles, scripts, and songs while fully engaging their passion and imagination to create a role.  They use classical technique as a foundation for both acting and voice, while challenging and training performers to stand on their own two feet and have confidence in the choices they make.

Founded in 2017, Kettleworks Performing Arts is a home-based performing arts company in Renton, WA dedicated to cultivating strong character and work ethic in performers through the vehicle of high quality performing arts education.  They offer programs for students ages 6 to adults, beginners through advanced.

Visit their website here to learn more and be sure to stop by their book at the NW Kids Fair in Puyallup!