Oroweat Bakery Outlet

Saving money means saving time. Time to spend with friends, with family. Save money and time with Oroweat Bakery Outlets. Week in and week out, you can save up to 50 percent or even more on all of your  favorite brands. Like Sara Lee, Ball Park, Boboli, Entenmanns, Marianella, Oroweat, and more. And this isn’t…

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George A. Magician

Fast-Paced and Flashy, it’s Sure-Fire entertainment at its best! George presents his favorite magic, including vanishing and appearing sponges, silks and coins. With over 40 years of experience, George knows how to delight and amaze any crowd and is ideal for all ages. Professional! Reliable! FUN! Thanks to Merry Makers, Inc. for bringing this magic…

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Ginger’s Pet Rescue

Founded in 2006, Ginger’s Pet Rescue has made it their mission to rescue homeless animals from Death Row. The company’s founder, Ginger Luke, was a former restaurant owner who graciously took in a dachshund, brought it back to good health and found it a loving home. That experience transformed her life. Now the rescue she…

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